What is BullVPN? Why do you need to install it?




VPNs are now widely used for pleasure and limitless access to information both at home and abroad, according to various IT circles and news. Whether they are youngsters or adults, they can use VPNs to view movies, listen to music, or access websites both domestically and internationally. A VPN can be used by all teenagers and working individuals.

BullVPN is a VPN service that uses a proprietary traffic routing system. As a result, every customer will receive high-quality service. Most importantly, the user's usage data and personal information will be kept safe and secure at all times. Users will have unrestricted access to social media, films, music, games, and other forms of entertainment from all corners of the globe.

BullVPN is a VPN service that may be used for anything. It doesn't matter if you're trying to hide your IP address, your identity, or dig up websites in the United States and abroad. When they are traveling abroad, they can visit the website to learn more about the country. BullVPN can also improve stability, minimize lag, and lower ping for you if you use it for gaming. Supports a wide range of devices, including PC (computer, notebook) and mobile devices (mobile phone).

What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a data encryption technology that was designed to avoid data leaks. Alternatively, if the data is obtained by an unauthorized user, the VPN owner can also route the data. Company A, for example, has an internal system that is inaccessible to outsiders. You must only use a computer in your office if you want to use the system. Employees who are unable to travel to work due to the Covid-19 scenario must work from home (WFH). IT departments utilize virtual private networks (VPNs) to allow employees to log in from home and access the office system. Employees' computers will receive a virtual IP network within the office if they connect to the VPN. Using the Internet to connect to whatever data is needed after that will be similar to how we use the Internet at work, with that system being able to be used. can complete the task There may be websites that are prohibited or that can only be used according to each office's restrictions.

VPNs can currently be used to access websites or servers that are unavailable in unauthorized locations, such as foreign video streaming, playing games on foreign servers, and accessing apps domestic applications that are not permitted when going abroad, and so forth.


What can BullVPN do?


Unblock websites

You can access blocked websites without restrictions both locally and internationally.

You can play Line, WeChat, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Netflix, etc., or stream on any social video platform as you like.


Hide IP, hide identity, high security, anonymous

BullVPN will not log your online behavior, and will not upload your personal information.

BullVPN will protect your network from dangerous free WiFi hotspots.

BullVPN provides DNS protection using "DNS Leak" which is effective against DNS leaks, hides your real IP, anonymous browsing, true privacy protection.

Before connecting to BullVPN


After connecting to BullVPN


Reduce lag, reduce game ping

When connected, BullVPN can optimize internet performance. No matter what brand of the internet you use, 3BB, AIS, DTAC, True can increase the ability to reduce the lag of online games, for both mobile and computer.

For example, games that are getting attention in BullVPN service are Extraordinary Ones, LINE POD, Blade & Soul, FINAL FANTASY XIV, IDENTITY V, CSGO, DOTA2, LOL, Black Desert Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and others.


Watch movies, listen to music with international and domestic websites

No matter where you are in Thailand or abroad, China, Japan, Dubai, USA, Australia, and other countries, you can break through blocks. You can watch it, such as BBC Player, Netflix, LINE, iQIYI, VIU, WETV, True. ID, YouTube, and other streaming services.



(Picture: Example of accessing viu website before and after connecting BullVPN)

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Private VPN & Proxy

Special for customers who want the most privacy, single-use, high security. We have a private VPN, Private Proxy service for you especially.


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How to use BullVPN

1. Register :

2. Download snd Setup BullVPN:

BullVPN support PC Windows, Mac, ios (iPhone & iPad), Android, Chrome Extension, Smart TV


3.  Access BullVPN or BullVPN Client application and connect to VPN server.

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How much does BullVPN cost?

BullVPN We are available to test for free immediately upon signing up and after you are satisfied with our service can pay for the service.

▶ 7 days 70 baht

▶ 1 day 179 baht

▶ 3 days 499 baht

▶ 6 days 949 baht

▶ 1 year 1,650 baht

Pay for the service for at least one month. It is possible to connect to two devices at the same time (2 Connections)


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With the Add connections feature, you can increase the number of connections

If you wish to use BullVPN on numerous screens and devices, we offer the Add connection service, which allows customers to configure up to 20 connections manually.


What are the payment methods for BullVPN?

BullVPN supports multiple payment methods.

1. A method of receiving use days as soon as payment is received.

  • Mobile Banking (QR Code)
  • Credit Card/Debit Card
  • Binance Pay
  • True Wallet
  • ShopeePay
  • PayPal

2. Waiting for verification before getting the date of use is one option.

  • Account bank transfers (Checking takes 1 hour to 1 business day)

✅ When you pay for the service, and you did not receive the validity date. You can contact the team to check.

✅ If the expiration date is approaching, Immediately able to pay for new services From the original, the system will add the date of use.

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How many Server VPN of BullVPN and how many countries?

BullVPN proxy VPN servers cover more than 28 countries of the world and more than 100 VPN proxy servers.

  • Thai VPN
  • Singapore VPN
  • US VPN
  • VPN Germany
  • VPN India
  • Canada VPN
  • Russian VPN
  • Japan VPN
  • Malaysia VPN
  • Hong Kong VPN
  • VPN Australia
  • Brazil VPN
  • Vietnam VPN
  • Indonesia VPN
  • Taiwan VPN
  • Korean VPN
  • English VPN

Server VPN

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How to contact BullVPN service?

Email: [email protected]


@LINE :[email protected]