The Best VPN for Windows

Download BullVPN Client

BullVPN Client 4.0

Step 1 Install BullVPN Client

1. Double click the BullVPN Client program, like a picture.


If there is a Pop-up like this, Click on the picture and press Run Away. If not shown, you can go to the next step.



2. Click "Next"


3. Click "Install"


4. Then click "Finish"


Step 2 Use BullVPN Client

Open BullVPN Client.  

If you already have an account, Click Have Account.

If you don't have an account yet, Click Create Account.

Sign up


Fill in Username and Password ,Then click "Log In".


When logging in successfully will come to the main page of BullVPN Client.

Click Connect, The system will select the best server for the first time.


When connecting the BullVPN Client successfully, it appears like a picture.


It's very easy right?

Next Add-ons, effects, settings etc. You can try.

How choose Server VPN

Click on world icon or Server VPN


BullVPN Client program will show the Server VPN. There are so many choices, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and other countries. Covering more than 15 countries, 100 servers.


Recommend : Special function, you can click Smart Sever - The system will choose the best server for you.


Menu and settings




-Show view log on connecting is when connected, will show View log every time to connected Bull VPN. (recommended) If you don't want it, don't choose.

-Pop-Up Notification is when connected successfully. There will show Pop-Up in the lower right corner of the screen.(recommended) If you don't want it, don't choose.


- Hide to Tray on minmize is hidden the program, Will go to the bottom right corner on the screen.

- Auto Connect when Selected Server is automatic connection when server is selected.


Automatic protocol change or choose OpenVPN or L2TP.


- DNS Leak Protection is When you select will make the DNS change to Server VPN and conceal your identity, hide your IP more secure.

- Reinstall Tap When there is a problem can be pressed to reset.

- Reset Setting Tap For reset everyting.

ฺBy Pass Mode

Customers who can't connect normally mode. Use By pass mode instead. Such as China, Dormitories, university, offices etc.

You can choose from two forms : By pass Mode 1 or By pass Mode 2 

By pass mode connection may be slower than usual. It must pass through several layers of blocks. Suggest to change the server.



Display various account information such as expiration date, your IP adress. When connected to Bull VPN, your IP address will change to the IP address of BullVPN. Is to hide your IP address.




View Log 



Show news, activities, articles, updates, don't forget to see.


Compare Port TCP and UDP

UDP : Recommended to connect Port UDP before connecting to TCP. Because Port UDP has speed to get - send data over TCP, but some places cannot get to Port UDP.

TCP : has higher data transmission accuracy than UDP and can access blocked locations, such as university dormitories and offices. But have a slower speed than UDP.


Bull VPN service will make you free on the internet, breaking through block and limitations.

BullVPN service connection makes your data transmission more secure. With encryption. Connect at any time, Without any impact on your devices. Adjust the internet better
Go out faster, Open the website faster, Through the block, Watch movies and listen to music with BullVPN service.