Why you need a VPN always with you?




Why do I need a VPN every time I go abroad?

     Social Network has become one of our daily lives. Wherever we are, we must use Social networks to communicate. Therefore, having a VPN with you will make our social networking, work, gaming, or studying safer.

Considerations Before using VPN with overseas Internet

     It is not difficult to use the internet abroad today. It is also a comfort for those who have to travel abroad as well. So how do we prepare for using the Internet abroad? Come and see.

1. Security

     The first thing we need to consider before using the Internet abroad is “Information security”. Because even if we use the internet service provider abroad or use the free Wi-Fi service that there are many. But the security of personal information has to be taken into account because if it gets intercepted via public Wi-Fi a lot, it would be bad.

     If someone goes to school or goes to work, it might not be safe to send sensitive information over the internet. We recommend connecting to a VPN with BullVPN before using the internet. Because in addition to increasing the security of using the Internet It is also safe from being intercepted by people who do not hope well. Even if it is an important document, using a VPN can be a great help with security. Including financial transactions.

2. Entertainment

     When we are abroad but want to access Social Networks such as Facebook, Line, Youtube, etc., or will be streaming like Netflix, Disney +, Line TV, AIS Play, etc., whether in Thailand or in other countries. You can just connect to a VPN, play, and watch. Just connect to a BullVPN VPN because BullVPN has servers for you to choose from in 22 countries around the world. And more importantly, if you want to connect anywhere, you can always contact the support staff.

3. Access blocked information from the country of origin

     Some content in the countries we travel to, such as China, Dubai, Russia, Iran, etc. These countries may block you from accessing certain Social Networks, for example, you cannot access Facebook and Line in China, etc.

     How to fix it, just choose to connect to the server in the destination country via BullVPN, and you can then access it. For example, you are in China And want to play Line to talk to people in Thailand. Just let you connect to BullVPN Server Thailand etc.

4. Connect to play games abroad and reduce lag and ping

     For those who want to play server games abroad, it can be easily done. Just download the game into the device. And before launching the game, connect to BullVPN and select the server country where you want to play the game. That's it, you can already play games on foreign servers. And more importantly, it also reduces the swing of the Ping (Ping), which is the cause of lag as well.

    You can trust BullVPN's VPN service because BullVPN respects the privacy of its customers. Therefore various information Including the use of the customer, will not keep or distribute.