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The holiday is coming. Somebody has plans to rest or travel, if somebody doesn't have travel plans, let's watch a movie together. Today BullVPN collect movies and series from Disney+ hotstar to watch during the long holiday. Bye Bye 2022

1. Avatar

The first movie that is trending now is Avatar, when 11/14/2022 Avatar 2 movie released in Thailand that made many people want to go back start watching the first Avatar for watch movies continuously because Avatar 2 took 13 years to build. Avatar's return makes a trend again before screening.
Watch Avatar on Disney+ hotstar

2. Thor : Love and Thunder

Thor : Love and Thunder or Thor 4 made viral in midyear about Chris Hemsworth revealing his butt in this movie which made waves on social media. This part insert jokes throughout the story and have romantic. Watch Thor: Love and Thunder on Disney+ hotstar

3. Friend Zone

Holidays for several days stuck at home are not enough but still stuck in a friend zone. Who are stuck in a relationship must watch this movie Friend Zone, story about Plam think of Ging as more than a friend, but Ging has a boyfriend. What will their story be? This movie get the rewarded “Special Mention of the Jury” from Festival Nits de cinema oriental de Vic. 
Watch Friend Zone on Disney+ hotstar

4. A Christmas Carol

Movies that match the mood of December, month of celebrate and Christmas. This movie created by Disney based on Charles Dicken’s novel present about elderly man, his name Abenezer Scrooge he has a tendency to disdain and look down on others. One day he meets the spirit of a friend who is a business partner he was already dead and suffering. He doesn't want to see Scrooge. had to face the same fate as him. Watch A Christmas Carol on Disney+ hotstar

5.Revange of others


 A revenge series to find the murderer present about girl is student in hight school that moved to new school to find out the true cause of his brother's death. But not only that between find the murderer, there is also a story of other student. Throughout the story is very thrilling and complex but present so concise.
Watch Revenge of Others on Disney+ hotstar

6. Connect 2022

investigative series about a man who had steal his eyes and then he feel something wrong like he connect to something. He is ready to reclaim his eyes. What does he connect to something? You can Watch Connect (2022) on Disney+ hotstar

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