20 Risky username password and how to set a password to be super safe




Top 20 usernames and passwords that you should avoid!!

This is the Username and Password that hackers try to hack. These codes and names are dangerous that we should not use.

No.# dangerous username risky password
1 root root
2 admin support
3 user 111111
4 test admin
5 ubnt 12345
6 DUP ROOT Password
7 pi 123456
8 guest 1234
9 123321 123
10 support 1
11 1234 ubnt
12 oracle raspberry
13 mysql user
14 nagios pass
15 ftp any
16 postgres welc0me
17 12345 default
18 tomcat synopass
19 ubuntu test
20 111111 alpine

Reference from it24hrs

How to set a  security password.

1. A unique password for one website only.

     Do not use the same password for every website. For example, set that 'BuLLVPN' to be used with every service, every website for convenience. This is a very dangerous idea because if someone got our password. He can try on any website. This is why we should set a different password. Alternatively, first set the main password and then add the initials of the website later as well. (but still not safe)

Such as BullVPNFB for Facebook, BullVPNIG for Instagram, etc.

2. Do not set a password by general words.

     If you are a flower lover, people will probably guess your password as 'Flower'. How do you do if you really like to use the word 'Flower'? You can also reverse the word 'rewolf', remove the vowel 'flwr', take the vowel first, and then the consonant 'oeflwr'. It is always difficult to guess the password if those words are not available in the dictionary.

3. Create a longer password for more security.

     10 characters password is 4 thousand times more difficult to guess than an 8 characters password!! If you guessed password size 8 characters password in 1 day. You will guess 10 characters password in 4000 days!

Today's websites usually require a minimum 8 characters password. If you really want security,10 characters are better.

4. Mix numbers, signs, uppercase, and lowercase letters.

     when we use uppercase, lowercase, letters, numbers, and symbols in the password the chance to guess the correct Password is only 1 in the hundreds of billions. 

     The guessing program is very difficult to guess 1A2b3C4d, but thousands of times more difficult than guessing 1a2b3c4d. Password security should be complex and a variety of characters.

5. Change another language before starting to press password and use your language as a password.

You'll feel confused, but that's okay. Let's look at an example. [^];urugvHo comes from the word “บูลวีพีเอ็น”(BullVPN in Thai language). We typed the word "บูลวีพีเอ็น" (BullVPN in the Thai language) even though the language was still in English, resulting in Password [^];urugvHo (please don't believe, try typing it) This method is easy to remember and the password is also very secure. Important, just don't let others know your keyword.

Reference from Mthai


** Once you have set a secure password. You should also connect to BullVPN to increase your internet security.


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