Server Premium is available for all servers




     Nowadays, VPNs are being used more and more widely. BullVPN is a VPN provider with a unique routing of traffic. Therefore guaranteeing the quality that all customers will receive and the absolute security.

     After the customer has applied for and downloaded the program or application to your device and is ready to install successfully, when logged in, you will see a server with both gray stars and gold stars, and both servers. How is this different? Today, we had an answer.

It's free to use with Gray star servers


     This Server, made out for new customers to try out. Suitable for those who have never used BullVPN for everyone to try. The system will give you 1 day of trial if not available during this time. You can contact the admin for advice.

Customers can receive a free day as follows.

  1. Get a 1-day free trial by “verifying email”.
  2. Share BullVPN to Twitter.

You can read more here.

Full of applications with Golden star servers


     Those who can use the Golden Star Server or Server Premium must be Prepaid customers of BullVPN. How is the Golden Star Server different from the Gray Star? Let's see.

Connect to all available servers

BullVPN has servers in 22 countries, the servers we provide. Prepaid customers will be able to use every server that we have more than 100 servers.

Use special server services designed for you

In addition to being able to use every server, we also add a dedicated server for streaming, such as a server for Netflix, a server for Disney+, a server for AIS Play, etc. There are also servers for users who wish to Download BitTorrent as well.



Hide ads with Server No Ads

I want the ads on the website or in the game to disappear. It can be done simply by connecting BullVPN Server No Ads, when the user connects to this connection, the ads will disappear and will not disturb users.

no-ads-vpn-bullvpn   server-no-ads-vpn-bullvpn

Useful life supported

If the user encounters any problems during use. Users can contact the staff for advice for a lifetime at no additional cost. The staff can be contacted via BullVPN's Facebook Fanpage and LINE Official.

     BullVPN is constantly improving its VPN service. To provide users with a better user experience continuously. It can be used without limits, is safe, comfortable to use, and can be used anywhere in the world. Thank you all users for trusting BullVPN.