What is a VPN? Why use a VPN?




     VPN or Virtual Private Network is a network of the Internet. This helps the transmission of data to be secure. And can be directly connected to the server or device in the same VPN for more convenience by using the structure of the Internet to transmit data. A security that is encrypting all data will have a gateway to transmit data. And it is always necessary to log in with a username and password. When we log in and activate the VPN system, the IP will be converted. That makes it possible to use the Internet on that device from another place.

Examples of working and using VPN

     The first example, if you like Japanese media(whether it's websites or content) but are unable to access it because users from other countries are blocked.

     It is suggested to connect to the VPN system to simulate or create a new IP. It must be a Japanese server IP. And allows you to access the Internet as you want. In other words, you're active in Thailand but it's like you're in Japan.

     The next example, for people who like to play games. Suppose you play the game and the game has a server system in Thailand, Japan, Korea, USA, or any other country. You want to play US server games but you are in Thailand. And the game's America server has international IP blocking. So you can't play that game. Then you are change VPN to connect to the American server. VPN system will simulate your IP to the IP of the country you want. That's it, you can access your favorite games. In addition to playing games, it also includes watching movies, listening to YouTube music, LINE stickers, and more.


Benefits for VPN users

  • Make the efficiency of using the Internet better. Gameplays with VPN will improve stability, reduce lag or ping.
  • For cross-country and cross-server gaming is possible.Most games have multiple servers or countries. We are unable to access IP blocked servers. A VPN is another important way to get access to the games that you want.
  • Can use and accessible Content, Website, Programs, etc. with IP blocking. For example, when we go to China and want to use some social programs but in China that program has been blocked. We cannot use that program. We can change the VPN to connect to another country server that allows us to use the program as we were in another country.
  • Can breakthrough internet blocks at places such as dormitories, universities, etc. For example, dorms can block online games. When you change your VPN that you will pass the blocks and can play online games.
  • Safe from access to private data, data traps, or data verification. Your internet usage history is usually recorded by your internet service provider. By law, this record must be kept for at least 90 days, as this will make it easier to check if any problems arise. This means that all of your data can be accessed on the date, time, and place you are connected to the Internet. That includes the history of all websites you use on the Internet. If you use a VPN, others will not be able to access your data. That makes your internet private information more secure.


VPNs are even more useful than we have mentioned. We want you to have a good experience by yourself.

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