What are the benefits of a VPN? Why use it in 2023




What can a VPN do?

          VPN (Virtual Private Network), also known as VPN. “Virtual Private Networks” come to make our lives easier. Make the Internet world not narrow anymore Because access to information is more, wider, faster and more importantly, VPN also protects the privacy of users. thus ensuring safety during use as well.


8 Benefits of VPN

1. Secure access to your home or corporate network.

     VPN encryption gives you secure access to remote databases or home network. Because the only person who will be able to access your data or your organization is the one who receives the password.


2. Access restricted websites

          VPN can access foreign-restricted websites. Even if we don't live in that country, just use a VPN to connect to the country you want. We can access the information of that country. It can also be used for entertainment such as watching various live broadcasts, series that are limited to that country as well.


3. Make internet use more secure

          When it is necessary to use the public Internet in doing personal matters that do not want to be recorded or remembered by the network owner We can use a VPN to increase the security of using this time. whether online transactions or even sending important tasks, etc.

          n addition, using the home internet or mobile hotspot Internet usage will be recorded by the Internet Service Provider. Usually by law ISPs will keep that information for at least 90 days in order to prevent any problems with internet usage. The owner of the network will be able to check the information. If we use a VPN, the network operator will not know where we use the service from, what day, what time.


4. Can access blocked content from that area

          If we want to search for information from the country we want. But that information is information that the destination country has blocked privacy. due to geo-restricted access to content We can also use a VPN to access that information. The VPN will create an IP Address that can connect to the destination country we want to research. This is how we can research information with peace of mind, no worries, even if we are not in that country.


5. Avoid being throttled by network operators.

          Sometimes your network operator will limit your internet speed usage. while you are visiting the website or download files Makes the internet slower than it should be, but if you use a VPN before using the service. It will be able to prevent being throttling internet speed. This allows you to enjoy using the internet at the maximum speed it deserves.


6. Other entertainment

          VPN can also be used for entertainment purposes, such as playing online games to enhance games, downloading applications from abroad. Browsing the same website in a foreign browser, etc.

          For example, if we want to watch a series published on Line TV, but we are not in Thailand. So we have to use a VPN to connect to Thailand. That's it, we can now watch the series on Line TV.

          Or if you want to see a clearer picture, it's ROV because each country has different unique characters. If we want to buy characters from that country We just need to connect the VPN to the country that has the ROV server that we want the character of that country, such as Hong Kong, Korea, etc. That's it, we can now load the character from another country.

          There are many other services that can use VPN to access, such as downloading LINE stickers from abroad, Netflix, V Live, Hakuna live, Line TV, VIU, True ID, etc.


7. Make the game play faster

         Sometimes ISPs will lock the speed or Bandwidth that is unusually high. This may cause problems while playing, causing lag, high ping, blocked, blocked zones.

        The solution is that playing games over a VPN will help stabilize. and get internet abroad faster as well Makes playing games better, reducing lag, reducing game ping, or playing games abroad at block zones as well.


8. Travel abroad

          If you have to travel to a country where internet surveillance is used to monitor the usage of people in the country and abroad, Anonymous online identity is very important for personal security, so a VPN will help you bypass this spying system. So you can access your preferred browser in countries that block them.

          Countries with Internet surveillance systems such as China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Dubai, etc.

          VPN system is another interesting system. In order for us to get the most out of the internet, VPNs have a disadvantage if the VPN provider intercepts the user's usage data. You can also see more interesting VPNs or reviews at

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