Thai-Chinese Students Association (TCSA) that encourages Thai children to study in China




    If you go back to the days when the People's Republic of China suspended all types of visas due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the opportunity for Thai students and students to study in China was halted. But there is a group of people who want to send students - Thai students to go back to study in China until they become "Thai-Chinese Student Association" that currently sends many Thai students and students back to study in the People's Republic of China.

History of Thai-Chinese Student Association (TCSA)

    After the Covid-19 situation (Covid-19) in many countries have measures to close the country. Including China, which has been closed since March 28, 2020, affecting students - students around the world unable to travel to the People's Republic of China.

    For this reason, in Thailand there is a group of Thai students and students in China called "Student Visa Opening Group (China)" has become the source of the hashtag. #Bring Thai children back to China until finally Thai students and students returned to the People's Republic of China on February 22, 2022.

    Because of this success led to the establishment of “Thai-Chinese Student Association” at present is another pride of Thai people because the Chinese authorities have adopted the model of the Thai-Chinese Student Association to be applied to other countries as well.

Encourage them to bring Thai children back to study in China in all forms

    Thai-Chinese Students Association (TCSA) also encourages Thai students to go to China to study. by doing activities to build relationships with students interested in studying in China. Whether it is organizing an exchange of ideas in Shanghai through live broadcasts via Facebook, organizing a meeting to exchange ideas, organizing an online seminar about traveling to study in China, etc. Make studying abroad not difficult anymore.


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Privilege and preparation

Claim special discounts and increase the number of connections

1. Register TCSA and BullVPN.

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Preparation before traveling to study in China

1. Install BullVPN on every device going to China

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2. Upgrade account BullVPN

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3. Start your trial now

    recommend to all customers "Try it before leaving" for flexibility in use. The things that customers must test before leaving are as follows.

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    If anyone is interested in joining a good project with the Thai-Chinese Student Association (TCSA) or contacting the BullVPN team for more information and reporting problems, you can contact the following channels:

    BullVPN team asks Thai-Chinese Student Association students Who is going to travel, everyone travels safely and grabs the dreams of the youngsters back for everyone ^^

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