How to fix internet slow loading, addited to ping!



It is a troubling problem that many internet users are unable to use the internet at a critical time or when we need it. That may be the reason why we are more or less upset. It takes a day to contact the staff. How can we fix the situation in front of us? Today we have the answers to everyone.




How to solve the problem that 3BB can't access the website, download slowly?

You can find out how to fix Internet failure for yourself here, but if you are someone who uses the Internet for streaming such as Netflix, torrent downloading, or playing online games. And after a while your Internet slows down, it is possible that your ISP may have locked down unusually high speed or bandwidth.

As a solution, all you need to do is use a VPN along with an internet connection, it will help your internet to be more stable, make the gameplay better, watch streaming without interruption, and also be able to use foreign streaming as well. More importantly, it also helps the Internet go out better.