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Why is AIS internet so slow, what is the cause and how to fix it?

Hello friends We believe that everyone has problems with AIS internet (AIS) is slow, does not send Line (Line), does not load for a long time, does not open Facebook (Facebook) and does not turn on the feed page due to the fact that AIS has many services. Both the prepaid system (AIS 1 2 call), the postpaid system (AIS), the home network (AIS Fiber) and the AIS Play service, causing a lot of people to use the service, there may be a delay. So we're going to tell you the cause and how to fix it. That may help you surf the Internet better.





Including the reasons why AIS internet is slow, lag, why?

1. A lot of people use the internet. in a dense area

The number of users at that time has the effect of slowing the internet. Or accessing websites (Website) of foreign countries may have contributed to the slowdown. The use of the service is in areas with obstacles such as dense buildings, areas with high traffic, traffic jams, concerts, etc.

2. Open the application leave a lot. Cache is full.

Another reason for slow internet Is that I like to keep the app open, play Facebook, play Line, look at Twitter , read the news until forgetting to close the app. It's left open here. It will run loading all the time. when loading at the same time When we open the app New ones will cause it to freeze, slow and also affect the internet you use. have the opportunity to make the remaining net disappeared without even starting to use Therefore, the app which is no longer in use Don't forget to close it every time.


3. Use an older version of the application. Therefore, some features cannot be used.

Another reason for slow internet sometimes I can't get into Facebook or Line and it doesn't load, I can't get in, or I can get in but it's slow. That's because we still use the app. The old version makes it impossible to use some features , the symptoms are slow and stuck, can't load, can't open, so have to update the app. Always keep the latest version by going to the App Store or Google Play, searching for the name of the app. To update the version and press Update.

4. Enjoy playing until the package runs out.

Play until you forget that the package is sold out or not? Check your mobile data package. AIS and AIS home internet. Look before myAIS and another popular reason to understand. That is, many people use unlimited internet packages with reduced speed, for example, the 89 baht package can use 2GB of internet at 512 kbps speed. But the speed will be reduced to 128 kbps according to the conditions of the package, sure enough.



Now we know the reason why AIS internet is slow and how to fix it. It's not difficult, right? But if anyone who has followed the method we recommend above and still the same, slow, spinning, jerky and frustrated, we have BullVPN, a good VPN service to recommend.

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