If the Clubhouse is banned! How do you do it?




What is a Clubhouse? Why is it so popular overnight?

     The clubhouse is an app that is currently only available for iPhone and iPad users. Android users may have to wait a bit. Due to the development of the system, access to the Clubhouse requires an invitation from the user in the app. Only already existing will be able to access this app.

     The function of this app is that the user can go in and out of various chat rooms freely as if "we are attending a big seminar event" and then having a small stage with debate issues.  And provide interesting knowledge circulating in each period for us to choose to sit and listen as we want.

     The highlight of the Clubhouse that made it popular overnight was “speaking through the microphone” because it was easier to communicate than typing out a sentence. And most importantly, we hear the voice of the speaker. Which can tell the mood better And most importantly, do not worry about Eye Contact because there is no camera mode at all.

What if the clubhouse in Thailand is banned like in China?

     Chinese people can use this app until last February. Total for a short time because the Chinese people took the opportunity to talk about "Forbidden things" that should not talk in Clubhouse because they felt that this app it's designed to not record conversations. So they felt safe to talk about it until the clubhouse in China was eventually banned by the Chinese government.

     What if the clubhouse in Thailand is banned, the solution is very easy. Just connect the VPN to an unbanned country such as Singapore, USA, Korea, etc. You can now access Clubhouse.

     When deciding to use a VPN, security is a top priority. The VPN I recommend is BullVPN, which can bypass any blocking. and maintain customer privacy. Just connect BullVPN and you will be able to surf the internet quickly. peace of mind And most importantly, it's also extremely safe.

Android users may have to wait. There may be some good news for Android soon.


What is a Clubhouse?

What is a Clubhouse and why is it banned in China?