YouTube can't access YouTube blocked, read this thread.



YouTube can't access YouTube blocked, read this thread.


Hello friends Are you facing this problem? "Can't access YouTube, YouTube is blocked." Try it, this might be the solution to help you. I'm sure I'm in a bad mood if I can't access the world's top video entertainment websites.

I want to calm down first There can be a few problems with YouTube not being able to login, for example YouTube website is down, your internet is crashing, or the problem we are going to suggest to fix is ​​blocked by admin policy. It could be a dormitory internet, a college internet, a work network, an organization, or it could be a national policy like traveling in China.


A picture like this, you don't like it at all, right?... It's annoying when I see it that I can't access YouTube. Well, let's see how.

How to access blocked websites

(for those who can watch the clip Click to see the clip. For those who haven't watched the clip, press read on below)

For those who are confident that The reason why we can't use YouTube is because it's blocked from the internet tower, university internet or work.

First of all, we should know that a VPN program can help you with this. The program will encrypt your internet usage data. This makes the detector unable to detect what website you are using. This makes the interceptor unable to block your web browsing. Another benefit Sometimes it speeds up your internet usage too.

BullVPN service that will make you free on the internet by blocking restrictions.

✅ Anonymous Hide IP

✅ Bypassing various blocked websites

✅ Watch movies, listen to music more smoothly.

✅ Can play websites outside the country

✅ Prevent hacking from free Wi-Fi such as coffee shops

✅ Improve the internet outside make the data load faster

✅ Reduce lag, reduce game ping.

When you know such advantages, what are you waiting for?

Ah..ah..but's not just about tying up your hands to sell stuff. In the fairness of BullVPN's dudes, BullVPN is fair enough to give it a try. Let's continue to like it.


Go through the steps to use BullVPN.

  1. Friends must have BullVPN ID first. Apply at
  2. Download BullVPN program Choose the version to match your device too.
  3. Install the program on the machine you are using.
  4. Log In
  5. Select a Server VPN to connect to. In this case, if you are already in Thailand, you can choose a Thai server because we don't need a foreign IP, just want to bypass the block of university or work.

P.S. If you choose a VPN to China, you won't be able to use many websites like Thailand. Because there are so many blocks in that country, choosing a VPN to go to which country? It means that we agree to follow the policy of that country. Thailand doesn't block many websites like that. Most of them are just porn sites. Oh, if you want to live in Thailand and can access porn sites like this, BullVPN can do the same thing, but you have to connent with which country server you try to find it, hehe (watching porn safely with Bull VPN)


Once logged in to BullVPN, you will be able to choose from hundreds of servers like this. You can click the down arrow to select a sub-server in each country again.



Suppose I choose Connent with Server VPN Thailand 1, when connected, it will show a green symbol like this and it will work



OK, now YouTube is in. Let's use it and have fun.


After reading this, you haven't applied yet, right? Apply here.