Where did the internet come from? We have the answer.




The Internet was started in the United States

     In the year 1969, a military organization of the United States called the US Defense Department invented this system. Its purpose is to provide a network that will never die despite the war. Usually, the communication system will be destroyed or cut off. But networking like this can still work. using the method of transmitting data in the form of microwave waves.

     The organization's research department has established a network called ARPAnet, short for Advance Research Project Agency net, which has been very successful and popular among military agencies, corporations, governments, and educational institutions.

     After success, There are more university organizations interested in joining the network. By focusing on the delivery of electronic mail (Electronic Mail), or as we know it, E-mail itself. and send general knowledge news but not for commercial use Emphasis on academic services.

     In 1980, the general public became more interested in the Internet. The Internet is used commercially. Doing business on the Internet, more and more companies join the Internet network.


Internet in Thailand

    Thailand began contacting the Internet in 1987 in the form of electronic mail receiving and sending services or E-mail for the first time starting at Prince of Songkla University. Hat Yai Campus (Prince of Songkla University) and Asian Institute of Technology Or the Institute of AIT (AIT) under the cooperation project between Thailand and Australia (Project IDP), which is connected by telephone lines.

    Until 1988 Prince of Songkla University Hat Yai Campus applied for an internet address in Thailand by obtaining an internet address This is the first internet address in Thailand. Later in 1991, DEC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. requested an internet address for internal use of the company. By obtaining an Internet address as where the word “TH” is a part called Domain (Domain), which is a section showing the zones of the Internet network in Thailand Abbreviated from the word Thailand.