Top Trending Thai Series and Movies on Netflix



     Recently, there's been a strong wave of new Thai movies and series. These include both series (dramas) and movies released in theaters. Some of them are also available on Netflix in Thailand. Today, we're going to recommend some movies to watch on Netflix, but please note that some of them are exclusively available on Netflix Thailand. So, if you're living abroad and want to watch Thai movies, you'll need to use BullVPN's VPN to help you out. Let's get started without further ado!

1. Buppesannivad 2

If you still remember Phim and Karaket, who once captured our hearts in the 'Buppesannivad' series back in the Ayutthaya era, get ready because they are returning in 'Buppesannivad 2', but this time in the early Rattanakosin period. However, both of them have to start their love story all over again because Kesorn, or Mother Karaket, doesn't believe in 'Buppesannivad.' Please note that 'Buppesannivad 2' is not considered a direct sequel to the previous series. It's a standalone series with interlinked timelines. The series beautifully blends the modern and historical cultures, just like before. It's incredibly entertaining. If you want to catch up on 'Buppesannivas' from the beginning, you'll have to watch it on HD3Plus because it's not available on Netflix yet.

Watch Buppesannivad 2:

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2. Phromlikhit (Love Destiny 2)

The most popular series right now, as this is the sequel to the 'Buppesannivas' series, featuring the descendants of Mother Karaket. It includes contemporary characters traveling back to the past, encountering numerous events from that era. This allows Mother Karaket to update current events. In addition to the compelling plot, characters like Mom Mali, Phromlikhit, and Tao ThongkeebMa are equally hot. Fans are captivated.

Watch Phromlikhit (Love Destiny 2) :


3. Thai Ban the serise and Thai Ban Universe

'Thai Ban: The Series' is a romantic comedy drama with a touch of humor. It follows the story of a young man from northeast named Ja Lot, who is on a mission to court 100 girls in search of his first love. The plot also involves his friends, including Pong, who dreams of opening a 7-Eleven store in their village but faces challenges. This series is the origin of the 'Thai Ban Universe'.

The latest addition to the Thai Ban Universe that is currently not discussed is 'Sapa Lhor,' a film currently screening nationwide. It has been highly successful, grossing up to 500 million baht and receiving rave reviews. If you're interested in exploring the Thai Ban Universe, I'll provide the links below

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     Take a break to read about something interesting before we continue to see what else is worth watching. I would like to introduce how to watch Thai movies from abroad because some content is restricted to viewing only in Thailand. The two recommended movies mentioned above are not available for viewing from overseas. So, we have to use a VPN first. But what is a VPN?

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4. MonRak Nak Phak (Once Upon A Star)

A Thai film from Netflix that takes everyone back to the 60s, telling the story of Drug Sales Unit 18 of the pharmaceutical company 'Osotteppayada.' They engage with customers through film screenings and dubbing services. They must face the challenges in an era where the film industry is undergoing a transformation. They must overcome many challenges to achieve their dreams, With Mitr Chaibancha as an inspiration.

Watch MonRak Nak Phak (Once Upon A Star) :


5. Ban Chao BuchaYan (Home for rent)

Who would have known that there would be some unexpected events in the house you rented out? The story of two couples and their 7-year-old daughter who decided to move into a condo after leaving their house and renting it to an elderly doctor. However, not long after, some mysterious events started to occur. Every night at four o'clock, they would hear chanting resembling some kind of ritual, along with strange tattoos appearing on the husband's body. In the end, it leads to a shocking and spine-chilling story. I have to admit, it's quite scary.

Watch Ban Chao BuchaYan (Home for rent) :


6. Thoe Kap Chan Kap Chan (You and me and me)

Yuu and Mee are two very close twin siblings who have been living together their whole lives. Until one day, Mak, a young man, enters their lives and becomes the first love of both twin siblings. They must navigate this complex relationship, and it remains to be seen whether they will get through this period. Watch it in ‘Thoe Kap Chan Kap Chan’

Thoe Kap Chan Kap Chan (You and me and me) :