Suggested Christmas Movies on Netflix




     The Christmas festival is the most suitable time for everyone, amid the atmosphere of celebration, beautiful decorations, and warm lighting. It's also a time of warmth and spending time with family. This blog will introduce you to must-watch Christmas movies that will make your holidays entertaining and enjoyable.



1. Falling for Christmas

     The story revolves around a beautiful heiress, Sierra, who has a tragic accident that causes her to lose her memory while skiing with her boyfriend. She was found and offered assistance by Jake . However  , Jake's business was facing significant challenges. How will the story be resolved?
Will Jake's Hotel have to close? Does Sierra remember her past? Follow and watch this series on Netflix.

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2. Christmas as usual

     Typically, Netflix releases festive movies every year, and this year they present a unique love story. The plot revolves around Tera, a Norwegian girl who plans to celebrate Christmas at home in the traditional way. However, she brings along her fiancé, Jasan, who is of Indian descent. What was supposed to be a normal Christmas celebration turns into a culturally confusing festival due to the differences in their traditions. Let's help Jasan adapt to Tera's family, in Christmas as usual. Watch it on Netflix starting December 6, 2023.

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3. A boy called Christmas

     A must-watch fantasy movie during this holiday season is 'A Boy Called Christmas.' Long ago, before the world knew Christmas, there was a boy named Nikolas who showed the world that the impossible can happen. Trying to escape the hardships of life, he relied on the belief in the stories he heard as a child. These beliefs led him to discover a myriad of adventures in Elfhelm, ultimately transforming the world we know today. Don't miss out on this heartwarming, captivating Christmas tale

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4. The Christmas chronicles

    What happens when two ordinary siblings sneak off into Santa Claus's sleigh? until causing an accident where the sleigh was broken down Gifts are scattered to different places, and Santa Claus's magical hat with magic also disappears. Make Santa Claus have to become a normal person. Will they help each other find the things or not? Without presents and Santa hats, there's no Christmas. The movie was so beloved that a sequel was released in 2020.

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5. Holidate

     The story of a freelance woman and a golf pro who both despise the holidays as they are pressured to bring a date couple home during the festive season. However, neither of them has a significant other. When they  meet, a spark of an idea ignites—why not pretend to be each other's holiday date couple to fend off the annoying family questions? Thus begins a whirlwind of chaotic events, accompanied by emotions that start to brew unexpectedly.

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