The best movies and Popular series on Disney+ Hotstar in 2022



Best movies & Popular series on Hotstar

   After Disney+ Hotstar launched in Thailand on June 30, 2022. Disney+ Hotstar is still well-liked and talked about because there are more than 700 video content including movies, series, dramas, animations and sports programs to watch without advertisements. In 2022, BullVPN would like to recommend. Movies and series that you should watch on Hotstar. Let's see~

1. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Genre : Superhero / Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Synopsis : It's the sequel to Spideman: No way home, Doctor Strange has made us realize that there are still many universes in the MCU. This means that the universe we are in is not the only one universe, and there will be another universe that is different from ourselves in this universe. BullVPN recommends that you should watch the Wanda Vision series, which is a standalone series of Wanda and Vision on Hotstar first to understand the movie better. Because Wanda Maximoff or Scarlet Witch plays a very important role in this movie. Dr. Strange and his comrades with special powers, both old and new. Get ready to embark on a twisted and dangerous multi-universe journey to face the mysterious enemy. Click here to watch on Disney+ hotstar

Click on the video to see Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer.


2. The Princess

The Princess

Genre : Action / Drama / Fantasy

Synopsis : You might assume that the movie is about a princess based on the title. But hold on! She will bring about a new revolution in the princess industry. Because she is a princess who fights with people. Skilled in fighting, kicking, punching by the movie The Princess is the story of a princess in a kingdom that must fight against a tyrant who will invade the power and throne of the king. with her strength and fighting style She is therefore her only hope to stand up and fight to protect her kingdom. Click here to watch on Disney+ hotstar

Click on the video to see The Princess trailer.

3. Lightyear


Genre : Superhero / Animation / Adventure / Fantasy / Science / Kids and Family

Synopsis : Toy Story fans will be screaming. When we find out where Andy's astronaut Buzz Lightyear comes from, Lightyear tells the story of an astronaut embarking on a mission in a galaxy far, far away. But the mission goes wrong and must try to find a way to return to Earth. Even if it takes decades Until the story of the burning will be impressed with the fun of solving the problems of Buzz Lightyear and his teammates. Are you ready? To infinity and beyond~ Click here to watch on Disney+ hotstar

Click on the video to see Lightyear trailer.


4. Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel

Genre : Superhero / Action / Kids and Family

Number of episodes :

Synopsis : From an Muslim girl to a new superhero! The story of Kamala Khan, a young Muslim girl living in America. She considers herself to be a normal person throughout her life with aspirations of becoming a hero and she has Carol or Captain Marvel as her idol. Making Kamala a character that reflects a teenager who is chasing dreams, love, friendship, as well as inserting ideas and lifestyles into the inequality of Muslims living in America. The climax is in the fact that, under ordinary and accidental things, she gains special powers. Click here to watch on Disney+ hotstar

Click on the video to see Ms. Marvel trailer.

5. Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Genre : Superhero / Action / Psychology / Fantasy

Number of episodes : 6

Synopsis : The standalone series in Marvel universe Which means you don't have to watch any movies or series in Marvel. It begins with the story of Steven Grant, an ancient Egyptian expert who takes on the role of a museum gift shop worker. He has a weird sleepwalking sensation, and it's a growing problem when he wakes up in a strange place with a strange voice in his head to become a prominent Egyptian superhero. By myself that has never been done by any superhero before. Click here to watch on Disney+ hotstar

Click on the video to see Moon Knight trailer.

6. Big Mouth

Big Mouth

Genre : Drama / Law / Crime

Number of episodes : 16

Synopsis : Korean drama lovers must watch this series! It's about Park Chang-ho, a lawyer with a 10 percent chance of winning a court case. He's responsible for the case of murder and uncovering the hidden truth in the case. But then he had to become a genius scammer known as the Big Mount overnight. He must fight to protect and cleanse his family and reveal his aristocratic background. Click here to watch on Disney+ hotstar

Click on the video to see Big Mouth trailer.

How to unblock Disney+ Hotstar?

How to unblock hotstar

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