What is the telegram, why is the download so high in a few days?



What is telegram?

         Many people wonder what Telegram is, what are its strengths, after the number of downloads in Thailand has increased rapidly. And if Telegram is blocked or unavailable in some countries, how can you solve it? Today,  Ihas the answer for you.

What is Telegram?

          Telegram is a Russian chat app. Developed by Pavel Durov, founder of Europe's largest social network VKontakte (Read more about VK). Telegram is similar to a chat start-up, in that it requires you to enter a phone number to wait for a code to verify your identity before activating Telegram's services, which after activation Your phone number should also be turned off for security purposes. 

Telegram's highlight

          Telegram's highlight is its best-in-class security system which never allows third parties to access your data. The main feature of this app is that users can choose between two chat methods: general chat and top-secret chat. Also known as Secret Chats, they are different in that they can start chatting as soon as they want. But to chat in a top-secret, users have to wait for the other party to be online before they can start chatting.



        Telegram is a chat program known for its encryption. All information or messages that are discussed will be stored securely with an excellent data protection system This prevents the leak of confidentiality in both forms of information and conversations. As well as having a form of use that is as convenient as other popular chat apps. Because it is designed to be used on all platforms, whether it is a mobile application on Android or iOS and Windows Phone or as a program for use on a computer on Windows, Mac OS, or Linux systems as well.

       Telegram's security system while chatting It has advanced encryption End-To-End Encryption. Or to put it simply, it's encrypted from the beginning. (messenger) to the destination (message recipient). Makes it difficult to steal (Hack the system) or secretly intercept data to view our messages. Including the owner of the app can not read the text inside.

How to unlock Telegram

How to unblock when Telegram is blocked

       Of course, a VPN is required to access Telegram. Currently, there are many VPNs in the market, both free and paid. Some brands of free VPN services may pose a risk of reliability because VPN providers may "intercept" our data for their use. The best way to choose a VPN is to set up your server to guarantee security or to choose a VPN provider that is reliable enough.

       The provider we recommend is BullVPN, an application that provides network and internet security services that supports the English language and is easy to use. Can be downloaded for both Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Android TV systems and can add extensions to Chrome, making it more convenient to use. 

Unblock website by BullVPN

      Finally, although Telegram itself is already very secure. But users should protect themselves from being accessed private information by keeping personal information Not open or published in public areas. to make the operation go well and smoothly.


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