Promotion Lover mode for Valentine's Day.




     Hello, the month of love is here, everyone! Meet BullVPN once again 🐮 February 14, Valentine's Day 🎶🎶 If you see BullVPN, there will certainly be great promotions. However, let me tell you upfront that in 2024, BullVPN has some modest promotions. If you see a promotion you like, grab it quickly. Otherwise, you might find out that Brother Bull didn't warn you..

Valentine's Day Promotion🩷

    To welcome the sweet Valentine's Day, for the 'single' individuals, there's no need to feel left out because BullVPN has arranged a promotion everyone can enjoy, regardless of relationship status. Use the discount for your beloved friends or family members. Change the atmosphere, and make this Valentine's Day joyful with no loneliness!

Details of promotion for Golden Crown's customers👑

The first promotion of 2024 is here overflowing with love in the lover mode. For Golden Crown customers, Enjoy the privilege of purchasing an annual subscription plan at an incredibly worthwhile price.


🩷 Exchange Code : VALEN14 

👑 1 Year Subscription Plan
Purchase at only 1,414 THB, down from the regular price of 1,990 THB.

👑 2 Years Subscription Plan
Purchase at only 2,424 THB, down from the regular price of 3,490 THB.

Additionally, it comes with connections for up to 4 devices at the moment.

Duration: February 14th - 29th, 2024⏰

✅Available for purchase through all payment channels (except!! bank transfer and Paypal) :

How to use the exchange Code for Valentine's Day promotion.🩷

1. Check whether you are a 'Golden Crown' or a 'Silver Crown’

    - How to check on the website :

valentine-promotion-2024  valentine-promotion-2024

    - How to check in the application.

valentine-promotion-2024  valentine-promotion-2024

2. If you are a 'Golden Crown' you can visit the BullVPN website to select a usage plan (1 year and 2 years)


3. Follow the steps and enter your 'E-mail or Username' in the system successfully.


4. Choose the payment method. The redemption code can be used for all payment methods.

(except !! bank transfer and Paypal) Then, click 'BUY NOW’.


Note : This promotion is only available for customers with a 'Golden Crown' In the case where a customer is a 'Silver Crown' and wishes to avail of this promotion, they must purchase a regular usage package (1 month or more) first before being eligible to use the redemption code.

Service Terms and Conditions

1. The promotion is non-refundable, and all conditions are subject to the company's policy.
2. The promotion is non-exchangeable for cash under any circumstances.