Unblock Discord abroad with VPN




     Discord is another platform that many gamers use to communicate with each other. Either while playing games or talking after the game is over, or used in online meetings, it can be used because Discord is designed to be able to chat via text. Chat with your voice or upload files to each other.

     With Discord's comprehensive functionality, it has been used in a number of applications. Whether on the website, desktop, or smartphone app. So what if we are in a country where Discord cannot be used, what should I do? Today has the answer.

Procedure for accessing Discord in a country that has blocked access

     In some countries where Discord is blocked, such as China or the UAE (UAE: United Arab Emirates), it is recommended to connect to a VPN first in order to gain access to Discord.

     The question is, which VPN is accessible, we recommend BullVPN. Because it is a VPN that can access all websites that are blocked from the country of origin. And more importantly, it also reduces the swing of the Ping (Ping), which is the cause of lag as well. Knowing this, the gamer should not miss it.

     The process is very simple, just connect to BullVPN Server so that Discord is not blocked, such as Thailand, USA, etc. After that, you can open Discord for streaming.