Netflix movies are nominated for an Oscar 2020



Netflix is a global streaming entertainment service memberships in over 190 countries and start launched a slate of original series (Netflix Originals).


 2013 Netflix launched its first slate of original programming including “House of Cards” and nominated for an Emmy Awards. and in subsequent years, Netflix is nominated every year.

 2017 Netflix wins its first Oscar, with “The White Helmets”  for Best Documentary Short Subject.

 2018 Netflix wins Oscar for Best Documentary Feature for “Icarus”.

 2019 Netflix’s ‘Roma’ wins three Oscars Include Best Achievement in Directing, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Achievement in Cinematography. and wins Oscar for Best Documentary (Short Subject) for “Period. End of Sentence”.


And in this year 2020 Netflix leads Oscar nominations with 24 nods more than any other media company. 


Netflix movies nominated for an Oscar 2020

1. Marriage Story


Nominated for Best Actor (Adam Driver), Best Actress (Scarlett Johansson), Best Supporting Actress (Laura Dern), Best Score, Best Picture, and Best Original Screenplay.


Director : Noah Baumbach

Writer : Noah Baumbach

Plot : About life A stage director and his actor wife struggle through a grueling, coast-to-coast divorce that pushes them to their personal and creative extremes.


2. The Irishman


Nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Al Pacino), Best Supporting Actor (Joe Pesci), Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Director (Martin Scorsese), Best Editing, Best Picture, Best Production Design, Best Visual Effects, and Best Adapted Screenplay.


Director : Martin Scorsese

Writers : Steven Zaillian (screenplay), Charles Brandt (book)

Plot : About of life’Frank Sheeran for over 50 years. Irish people who survived the war to earn a living in American territory. Before becoming a leader of an important labor field In the midst of the conflicts of the various mafia before facing the terrible anguish of his family, the only thing he has always fought and dedicated to.


3. The Two Popes


Nominated for Best Actor (Jonathan Pryce), Best Supporting Actor (Anthony Hopkins), and Best Adapted Screenplay.


Director : Fernando Meirelles

Writers : Anthony McCarten

Plot : An intimate story of one of the most dramatic transitions of power in the last 2,000 years. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, is called to Vatican City after the death of Pope John Paul II to elect a new pope In April 2005. Is a competition between parties that support German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and parties that support Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio.


4. I Lost My Body


Nominated for Best Animated Film.


Director : Jérémy Clapin

Writers :  Jérémy Clapin (screenplay), Guillaume Laurant (screenplay)

Plot : Animation from france win Cannes Critics’ Week. About the mysterious story of a right-hand It finds and sets out to reconnect with its body through an adventure in Paris. Along with the story of dreams that have disappeared from childhood to the last moment before the body disappeared.


5. Klaus


Nominated for Best Animated Film.


Director : Sergio Pablos

Writers : Zach Lewis, Jim Mahoney

Plot : Story of one man who rich and lazy. One day his father sending him to postman in the snow town "Smeerensburg", located on an island far away, prosperity and convenience. The condition is to send 6,000 letters in 1 year in order to back home. Before meeting “Klaus”, an elderly carpenter who lives alone outside the city The encounter between them became the beginning of many stories. Followed by what led us to find the answer and the meaning of Christmas.


And also have a documentary nominated


6. American Factory


Nominated for Best Documentary.


Director : Steven Bognar, Julia Reichert

Plot : The documentary of the event from 2015 - 2017 tells the story of the factory of Fuyao Company in Dayton, Ohio, USA, which has taken over the great past of the General Motors factory that has been closed. Let's build a new factory for the world-famous automotive glass company Fuyao and hire 2 thousand American workers. In the beginning, there were obstacles when high-tech superpowers like China had to face America's working class.


7. The Edge of Democracy


Nominated for Best Documentary.


Director : Petra Costa

Plot : The documentary of situation of The political turmoil in Brazil began during the 1985 political trial. Impact to the public Social mobilization affects democracy. The political history in Petra's sad memories.


8. Life Overtakes Me


Nominated  for Best Documentary Short


Director : Kristine Samuelson, John Haptas

Plot : After Tragic event The descendants of hundreds of refugees in Sweden began to show signs of illness like a coma, known as the resignation syndrome, by shutting down from the outside world. Then began to have symptoms like in a coma state as if being frozen. 




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