HBO GO from cable channel to world class streaming




     It is being talked about right now with the streaming application HBO GO from HBO, which has already entered service in Thailand in April 2020. The response is well-established and tends to be gaining in popularity with a growing number.

     HBO GO is a streaming application from the American cable channel HBO. The name HBO stands for "Home Box Office" where most HBO shows are movies. TV series Comedies and concerts.

     We can watch HBO GO on both websites and mobile applications. HBO GO service in Thailand is only 149 baht/month, but HBO GO has a 7-day free trial. Able to watch the content before deciding to pay

     Unlike other streamers like Netflix or Disney +, HBO GO does not create its own profile page. Instead, it uses a login restriction method, where HBO GO can log in on a maximum of 5 devices and simultaneously stream up to 2 devices at the same time. You will be happy to watch it alone or invite your friends to divide it.

How are HBO GO and HBO MAX different?


     It is an online streaming service as an add-on package. For those who work with cable TV or online streaming services such as AIS Play, the subscriber will not pay for the service to HBO, but will pay for the service through that HBO service agent, after which HBO has developed The HBO GO application is now available for download on Android and iOS systems, and more importantly, we can pay for the service through Google Play and the App Store directly.

     HBO GO is currently available in many countries including the US, UK, Thailand, Vietnam, Portugal, Spain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia.


     What makes HBO Max stand out and stand out from the rest of HBO is its rich content and content from the renowned WarnerMedia content producer, Warner Bros., New. Line, DC Entertainment, etc. many more and now is not available in Thailand. To watch, a VPN is required to access.

    HBO GO and HBO Max can not use the same account, so if you want to stream it. Please subscribe to streaming it before use.

How to apply for HBO GO (Thai Only)

Can I watch HBO GO on television?

     In addition to watching HBO GO from your computer, tablet, and mobile phone. You can also watch HBO GO on your television with the HBO TV set-top box, which has movies for you to watch every day. Each day's movie schedule can be viewed on the website or click here for movie showtimes. To connect 3BB to HBO GO, load the app and subscribe. Then connect to 3BB.

Popular Movies on HBO GO


     HBO GO updates new movies every week, unique to HBO GO that allows streaming users to watch a variety of content. And most recently, HBO GO has pampered Harry Potter movie lovers by bringing in Harry Potter. Come in streaming, all sectors ever. Therefore, Harry Potter fans should not miss it!

     Finally, if you don't want your streaming to be interrupted. Stumble or freeze during streaming due to unstable internet.We recommend BullVPN to make your streaming smooth without worrying about stuttering or buffering.