True internet cannot access, what should I do?




     Having said that, the speed of the internet is now more important than having it. This led consumers to start searching for information about Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and of course, Internet True was one of our choices.

     With the fact that True has a wide range of services. Whether it is an internet network provider and a telephone number, True fiber, and TrueID, it makes it difficult for consumers to make a decision to use the internet service from True.

     After we have successfully selected the ISP. Then install a home internet router or buy an internet promotion from True. You can now use the internet to watch movies on Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon, Prime Video, etc. Or listen to your favorite streaming music like Joox, or Spotify and play online games.

Causes when using True Internet and the Internet speed is slower and unstable





     Was it ever the same? When we play True Internet for a while and then start to have internet slowdowns, True Internet crashes, and does not use the Internet at full speed according to the package that has been applied. Even if you buy a 15 Mbps package or use True Gigatex fiber service, it's because...

  1. It was a time when there were a lot of users. Most of the time is 18.00 - 24.00 hrs.
  2. Home use with multiple devices being used at the same time. Or downloading a large amount of data simultaneously. Makes it share the speed of use within each other.
  3. Your device is not compatible with high-speed internet. Because each device supports the same Wifi speed, for example, some devices only support 2.4 GHz, but some devices support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, Including heavy Internet usage such as playing multiple applications simultaneously, causing the CPU No time to process speed (Speedtest)
  4. It is far from the Internet router placement point. Including the presence of obstacles, there is a wall between the access point and the point where the router is placed. It will affect the speed of the Internet that will be received as well.

Internet True unable to use, slow true internet, often disconnects, unstable, preliminary fix by yourself!

    During the use of True Internet. There may be problems with frequent internet disconnects, unstable, slow internet, unable to watch movies and play games. In which these various problems, users can solve the basic problems by themselves as follows.

  1. Of course, with the internet we cannot use it. The first thing that comes to our mind is to contact the staff of the ISP we use. This way we have to wait for the officers for a day, some people for two days. As a result, we cannot use the Internet at that time. We can check the symptoms of the internet first to check the internet first.
  2. Another method that I would like to recommend at all is to "re-router" to reset the entire internet system in our house. Or for mobile phones, turn off - turn on the device once to restart our device.
  3. Adjust the location of the router to be in a place where the signal can be transmitted throughout the house. If your home has multiple floors, you may need to purchase an additional router to enable Internet access for the whole house.


BullVPN solve the problem of unstable internet, slow internet, no internet out, reduce lag, reduce ping

     But if you complete the above steps, you still can't use the internet. It might be due to a problem with the mobile signal being interrupted. Make it unable to use the True Internet.

     You can “connect BullVPN” to reduce the problem of slow internet, no internet, and unstable internet because BullVPN is a VPN service provider that has a unique routing of traffic and respects privacy, thus ensuring safety every time. Connect to BullVPN and make your problem from using the internet, slow internet lag, and lag until you can't use it can be reduced as well. It can also reduce lag. Reduce ping while playing games as well.


What is BullVPN?


    That's all, the problem is that you can't use True Internet and watch movies and play games. The problem of true internet is slow, twitching, unstable, internet doesn't work, it disappears. You can use the Internet with peace of mind.

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