Fantasy Life Online game from Nintendo come to mobile




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Many individuals, I imagine, would be looking for a lovely RPG game to play on their mobile or smartphone. A simple to play game with minimal visuals. All players have access to the game Today, I'm going to introduce everyone to a game that has only recently been released after a lengthy wait: "Fantasy Life Online," an online RPG game developed by Level-5.

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"Fantasy Life Online" was originally an online game based on the popular series Fantasy Life. 'Fantasy Life 2: Twin Moons and the Sacred Village' was the original title for this installment. We were able to generate a full range of character designs right away. Full freedom can be defined as the ability to use one's own voice, facial expressions, and hairstyles, among other things. And when we enter the game, it will combine the style of Action RPG gameplay with the ability to automatically attack. We can also play with our own hands. We will have to choose all three primary classes simultaneously in the game.

Fighting Classes - Paladin, Mercernary, Hunter, and Magician. Class levels can only be upgraded when you kill monsters within the game.

Harvest Classes - Miner, Woodcutter, and Angler. Class levels can only be upgraded when we harvest different farms within the setting we explore.

Crafting Classes - Cook, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Tailor, and Alchemist. Class levels can only be upgraded when we craft an item.

Players have the option to play any class and change careers at any moment in the game. Not only that, but the game also allows players to have three additional partners who will accompany us during the game. which we can find at random from the character gacha Characters will have their own levels to play on. The greater the character's level, the better the stats. But it's also tough for us to obtain the ideal class; even if Ajanut starts early, he still lacks all of the battle types. Haha. In addition, the 'Random Gacha' system provides a random search feature in addition to finding characters at random. Weapons or fortifications It all depends on what the players want at the time. The rarest level is 5 stars.

Once we have correctly arranged teams, we can talk more about the gameplay of "Fantasy Life Online." It's time to complete a game-based tale mission. The majority of the story quests will allow us to travel to various locales, which will demand a significant amount of effort to complete. There will be monsters of various levels for us to farm, as well as resources for other non-combat classes to perform things like the harvesting line for mining, chopping trees, or fishing if we want to. It will be possible if the squad includes a character from one of these classes. It can't be kept if it doesn't have it. For the production class, we must first return to the village. You'll also need to locate raw resources in order to manufacture them.


Another intriguing element is the 'Village construction system,' in which players can construct their own private home and furnish it with furniture. We can obtain a variety of raw materials and use them to make furniture. We can also construct a shop, an item factory, or a training ground within the village to gain experience [EXP].

In addition to being able to play alone, the game also has an 'online mode [Multiplayer]' and invites our friends to level up in that scene as well. If we don't have friends to play, try to set the room to public so that anyone who is interested can come and jam at any time Unfortunately, the friend system in the game can be a bit tricky. But it is recommended to ask for a friend's character name or ID number to use for adding to each other. Then the adventure will be much more fun.

For anyone who is interested in trying to play the game "Fantasy Life Online" is now open for service in our home zone. I'm secretly hoping that Thai language will be added in the future!? It can be downloaded for both iOS and Android platforms. It's an online, half-offline game (but you need to be connected to the internet all the time) that is fun to use and I would recommend having it on your device. Not less See more details of this game at

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