The secret of a new BullVPN Mascot, create by AI



     Nowadays it must be admitted that AI is trending. In daily life, AI is being used to help it in our work quite a lot and more diverse than before, such as having AI write articles, AI Translate or even drawing to shorten working time and get more efficient workpieces


Let's get to know more about what is AI ?

   AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, is technology for computer or machinery to have software that can be learned, remember it yourself and bring a lot of information to process and expand to respond or solve problems according to user instructions in a form similar to humans. We would like to summarize the forms of AI that are currently popular into 2 types as follows

     1. Robots🤖

Robots are machines that are designed to replace humans in various duties, such as mechanical arms, Robotic vacuum cleaners or even robots serving food that we can see in restaurants today. If we supplement these robots with AI, they can become incredibly more efficient, such as autonomous mobile robots (AMR) that can detect information through 3D cameras and LiDAR sensors to analyze the collected data. Able to make inferences based on their environment and complete mission.

     2. AI tools📚

Are programs  that are designed to tools for help in our work such as AI Chatbot, AI helps write articles, AI searches and creates images, and AI creates audio and video, etc.


The beginning of creating a new BullVPN mascot.

     The format that ChatGPT follows is hot, each time I try to use it and can answer real work development problems for copy writing or various computational articles. After some time, chatbots were developed continuously until the team came across an article from abroad. He uses the Prompt command to let ChatGPT be a master in drawing, it's can make image for us.

     This was the starting point for the company to have the team do a makeover challenge for our mascot, BullVPN. The problem was that he wanted the cow to look more dimensional and tangible than it actually is.


Steps for making Character Ai BullVPN

     Start at research information on Youtube, it took several weeks because start searching from the industry of Generate AI images, which is still very new in Thailand, until you end up with Stable Diffusion. At first, I tried to create an image by installing the Stable Diffusion model on the computer, but it took a lot of resources to create the image and took a long time. So I studied further and found a new way to sit, which is to use it with Google Colab.

     To get used to the tools for the first time Start practicing by writing prompts for creating portraits. Match the picture in your head first. This was quite difficult because we had to limit AI's understanding and adjust many commands. Once I became familiar with the tools, I started using AI to create a cow character, but it still wasn't a cow.

     The team searched for a way to create a new image from the original. Until I found a  method for understanding AI images called image to image Stable Diffusion. It takes the image we drew into the program and then lets AI create a similar image. But it may be different in lines, colors, or styles, depending on the numbering of each function and the Prompt that we write down as well.

     The resulting image will come out close to the original that we drew. It just has a style that looks more dimensional. more tangible However, the resulting image may have parts that we need to further correct, such as colors of arms and legs that are not as we want. The image will need to be inpainted, edited or retouched.

🐮Mascot Next chapter

     After we got a new look of Phi Cow Your friends have probably seen it before, but the team never stops developing it. We have plans to take the Phi Cow mascot by Ai to the next level by training its own model. Or even try using new tools that are starting to be developed like Ai 3D model, gemini to make it more realistic.

     Anyway, we ask for friends who support BullVPN. and have always been an encouragement to us.


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