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Disney Plus (Disney+) is the most well-known streaming service application. With fame and unique Disney cartoons that we've been watching from childhood until many people are loved, Disney Plus is a partner with AIS.

The Disney Plus that will launch in Thailand will be called "Disney Plus Hotstar". This is the name Disney Plus uses to market to Asian countries. The service fee will be cheaper than the original Disney Plus. What will be added to Disney+ Hostar in Thailand is that it will add more Thai shows to be able to watch on streaming as well.


Popular Disney+ Hotstar Movies

Black Widow

What If...?

Garfield The Movie

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Watch Disney+ hotstars from abroad with BullVPN


Jun 2021

Watch Disney+ hotstars from abroad with BullVPN

The long wait is over with Disney+ Hotstar launching today (June 30, 2021). You can now downloa

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