How to avoid the dangers of the internet



How to avoid the dangers of the internet

The Internet is something we use regularly in various aspects of life, such as business, financial transactions, economy, communication, news updates, data exchange, online gaming, and many more. It has become an indispensable factor. However, we might forget that what we do on the internet  or the data we share on our social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Line, or TikTok could easily fall into the hands of hackers or scammers who might exploit our information for fraudulent activities.

Examples of fraudulent activities on the internet 

1. Fraudulent online shopping

Fraudulent online shopping is quite popular because it is a convenient and fast way to buy and sell products. There are many forms of fraudulent buying and selling, such as: payment has been made but the seller has not delivered the product because the product is not actually there.

2. Unauthorized use of a credit card

Credit cards are another convenient way to pay online, but this method can also lead to fraud. There are many fraudulent methods, such as: impersonating the card owner, when the fraudster gains access to the credit card holder's account and impersonates the victim to change the mailing address and request a new card; or fraud without having to show the card, which occurs when the fraudster has the account number, expiration date, and verification code, which may have been stolen or obtained from the dark web, and then uses this information to order products, which is often done via a website or by phone.

3. Fraudulent use of marketing or direct use

This type of fraud involves inviting us to become members of a network or sales group, deceiving us that we will benefit if we sell the product, and inviting others to join the group in turn. This method may require us to pay a membership fee to join the sales network, but we will not receive any compensation, causing us to waste our membership fee.

4. Fraudulent use of home business

This type of fraud is that fraudsters claiming to be companies will invite us to apply for membership to do business, stating that with just one computer, we can work from home and trick us into paying for the membership or investing in various equipment, causing us to waste time and money without actually getting any work.

5. Miracle Drug Advertisement or Sales 

FraudFraud by selling drugs online, claiming that the properties of the drugs can cure serious diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes, or claiming that the drugs can cure serious diseases in a short period of time. Consumers who buy such drugs may be harmed by the drugs and receive incorrect treatment.

Safety online data

Ways to prevent data theft

1. Avoid disclosing personal information online such as usernames, passwords, ID numbers, birthdates, medical histories, children's birth certificates, and financial information.

2. Be cautious while conducting financial transactions online; always verify the authenticity of website links and forms to avoid falling into phishing traps.

3. Avoid downloading files from unfamiliar internet sources or clicking on suspicious links sent via email, Facebook, or Line.

4. Regularly update antivirus programs and firewall settings.

5. Create complex passwords with a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters, and change them regularly.

6. Avoid Using Public WIFI such as cafe, restaurants, hotels, hackers may be able to access the information we share online or the applications on our mobile phones. We recommend using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or BullVPN service to increase the security and privacy of our computers or communication devices because the information will be encrypted, so it is definitely safe.

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