3 reasons why you need to have VPN Mobile in your phone when traveling abroad.




Hello to all BullVPN friends. This post doesn't have spoilers for the main story. You can rest assured.

After I came back from seeing the movie 'Spider Man : Far From Home' that many people should have seen in the trailer that in this movie. Spider-Man went on a European tour with his friends and things happen @#$!%!#^&* ok will try to avoid spoilers.

There is a scene where MJ, the leading actress of this sequel. said to her classmates that "You should probably download a VPN on your phone"


I'm not sure the original version's subtitled, they will translate the same as Thai dubbed or not but I think it same. So let's talk about "why we should have a VPN program on our mobile between going aboard?" I will give 3 reasons for the answer.



1. The 1st reason is "To protect user data.

Same as our Spider-Man, he didn't want to reveal his identity too much. A VPN program will help to encrypt your usage data, traffic on the internet network, make our data more secure, and prevent data theft. Especially wireless networks, this is a network that anyone who has a receiver and understands the encryption mechanism (the Wi-Fi standard) can intercept the data and decrypt it, enabling them to read the information we are using. But if we use a VPN, the mechanism becomes more complex, making decryption very difficult and even taking a long time to do so. For example, the decoder may have to be turned on for a year or more than to get in or maybe not even.

2. To maintain the right to use social media and any media that we used to use while still in our country.

This article is not about movies but it's useful you should know. If you travel abroad, the internet network will be switched to the country you are traveling to. Which we do not know which country will allow us to visit any website or can connect to the destination IP of any country. For example, if you go to China, you cannot use Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and many others that may not be allowed to you in that area. But if you use a VPN service, it can get you into an encrypted network. and making use of various websites as usual as in Thailand.

Noted: You won't be able to use other websites that Thailand has blocked. If you want to use it, you need to choose a VPN to another country that is not blocked.

3. For Fluidity in use.

In the past, this article might not have been that popular. but nowadays, professional gamers and many streamers agree that The VPN network helps gamers play games on foreign servers more smoothly. For example, the players are in Thailand playing overseas servers. Or live abroad but want to play games with friends in Thailand It can make playing games together with friends more convenient.

I believe these 3 reasons will be useful to people who are preparing to go abroad. Did you know that BullVPN can be installed on mobile for both VPN on Android and VPN on iOS? You should install and subscribe to BullVPN before traveling for the convenience of using mobile phones abroad.

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