Restrict access to your account by adding a range of Whitelist IP Address




For today's businesspeople, security is a critical consideration. One of them is making sure your Internet network is secure. Whitelisting IP addresses is another approach to keep track of which devices can access them and keep them from leaking. outsiders' flow.

What is Whitelist IP Address?



Whitelist IP is about giving devices access to information by assigning an Allowed IP Address, limiting access to your network by increasing the range of trusted IP addresses the security of accessing applications and websites within the organization.

BullVPN offers an IP address generation service for whitelisting IP, more details can be found at the end of the article.

How whitelist IP work

You will need to assign an Allowed IP Address that can access your Resources in order for employees or related parties to connect to the Server VPN you have set up to access your organization's Resources. Therefore, you should choose a good and secure IP address to avoid any problems that may arise later.


Benefits of Whitelisting IP Addresses

Increases security

Instead of requiring organizations to open public resources, this resulted in insecurity. Whitelist IP reduces the likelihood of data leaks or exposure from unauthorized devices, malware, or cyber-attacks.

Supports multiple devices (Client) and many countries

BullVPN supports installations on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Chrome Extension, allowing you to connect to a Server Private VPN to access your resources from any device and from any location. You can also choose the desired country server as well.

BullVPN offers an IP address whitelist service. It is available in the form of Private VPN, which will help create and manage IP addresses for organizations that want to increase the security of their Resources.

You can find more information and ask for more details at all BullVPN's contact channels.

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