What is ping? How does it affect gamers?




     Ever experienced this? You're having a great time gaming with friends, and suddenly the game starts lagging, stuttering, or your FPS drops like a stone. Next thing you know, your team labels you the 'laggy one' (happens to the best of us, right? 😄). At first, you try fixing it by changing your internet, but no matter what you do, that darn ping just won't let go.

    If you were to ask, 'What is ping?' Many might think of those bloodsucking creatures we encounter when swimming, right? But ask gamers, and they'll tell you that 'ping' is all about responsiveness or the speed of your internet connection. Ping is measured in milliseconds (ms) and it's a number that indicates how fast data is transmitted between one device and another. To put it simply, ping tells you how stable or unstable the connection is between your device and a server.

High ping is a nationwide issue for gamers

     A high ping can occur due to various reasons, but one common issue that gamers often encounter is when playing games on servers located in different countries. For example, if you're in Thailand but playing on a server based in Korea, your ping can be higher due to the distance.

    Or, if you're someone who enjoys playing games on your PC, having a high ping can slow down your gaming experience, which can be really frustrating. If you find that your ping is suddenly high while playing a game, it could lead to laggy gameplay or even make it unplayable. That's why most online games display your ping within the game, so you can know the quality of your connection.


How to reduce your ping

   High ping values are often a result of unstable internet connections. If you want to enjoy faster gaming, having a strong and stable internet connection can certainly make a difference. It also depends on which service the gamers choose.

     However, it's worth noting that having a strong internet connection might primarily help with gaming servers within the country. If you wish to play on servers located abroad, the distance to those servers can lead to higher ping values. But don't worry, because there's a technology called VPN available in the world that can help with this.

    Do you know that using a VPN before playing international server games can make the game more stable? How does it work, you ask? Well, if you're playing a game from Thailand on a server located far away, using a VPN can virtually place you in that country, helping improve your gaming experience.

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