If Binance is banned in Thailand, What should we do?




I have to admit that nowadays there are a lot of new investors. Binance is another tool that is popular among Thai and global investors. It must be admitted that the trend of the crypto world is constantly growing and the number of users is increasing accordingly.

After Binance announced the cancellation of the Thai language service. Causing some users to worry about whether in the future they will still be able to use Binance in Thailand or not, and if Binance is actually blocked, what to do? Today, Big Blue has a backup plan for everyone.

3 ways to cope if Binance is blocked or banned in Thailand


We can use a VPN to access Binance from other available countries. Usually, we need to use the internet from each Internet Service Provider (ISP) to access Binance. If blocked or banned we will not be able to access Binance from Thailand.

Connecting to a VPN will allow your Binance to be accessed as if from a foreign country and from another country to a website or app. Thus, you can access blocked data.

If you have to use a VPN for this kind of trading, BullVPN is recommended. It is a VPN that has a unique routing of traffic and respects privacy, thus ensuring security every time when connecting BullVPN.


(Picture when connecting BullVPN on website)


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Also, if your country of residence is a country that Binance is banned, such as China, Malaysia, Singapore, etc., you can find out how to enter Binance from abroad here. You can also use a VPN with other banned exchanges.

2. Keep only enough money to trade

Of course, we have no way of knowing if it will still be possible to trade on Binance in the future. Therefore, we should allocate the investment allocation appropriately. Do not leave too much amount.

3. Store it in your Hardware Wallet

In addition to collecting money on our Exchange, problems we may encounter in the future are Exchange crashes or bank app crashes. If you want to trade for the long term, having a hardware wallet is very important. It will give you a safer investment.

Finally, for customers who have problems using the service or want to ask for more information, you can contact the staff or admin of BullVPN in any channel.

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