Playlist of love songs for Valentine's Day. Can listen to it on JOOX!



Thai Romantic Love Songs on Valentine's Day

   It's getting closer and closer to the festival of love. Is another very special day for someone or some couple that is a time to give things or show love to who we love and care about, whether parents, siblings, friends or lovers. If you still couldn't figure out what to give. BullVPN would like to invite you to send the love songs with good meaning to those you love. Let's see what songs that BullVPN has listed for you.❤️

10 Thai Romantic Love Songs on Valentine's Day

แค่มีเธอไปเดินเตะคลื่นทะเลด้วยกัน - No one else

 1. แค่มีเธอไปเดินเตะคลื่นทะเลด้วยกัน - No one else

   After No one else released the song "From now on, every love song will belong to only you" and received a good response. Until reaching the top of the charts, hit number 1, not too long ago, they returned to pass on their sweetness with their music. This song helps you relive the good times when you and your loved ones are safe zones for each other. People who are in love and listening to this song or passing it on to their loved ones will definitely not be able to stop smiling. Click here to listen to the song "แค่มีเธอไปเดินเตะคลื่นทะเลด้วยกัน" on JOOX

พิจารณา - Musketeers

 2. พิจารณา - Musketeers

   New song from Musketeers, coming back with 3 new members and joining with famous rapper Maiyarap to join in singing this time as well. The content of the song still smells of love, easy to listen to, and the meaning of the song is simple and straightforward. Tells the story of a young man who tries to reconcile and plead with his girlfriend to reconsider his love for her. For those who are reconciling their fans, just send this song, the situation will definitely improve! Click here to listen to the song "พิจารณา" on JOOX

เธอเหมือนเดือนกุมภา - Fellow Fellow

 3. เธอเหมือนเดือนกุมภา - Fellow Fellow

   You can't miss this song! The duo, like Fellow Fellow, is a song that expresses the feeling of falling in love with someone who changes your whole world to be beautiful like never before. Makes the feeling of February change, making it more understandable as the month of love. Click here to listen to the song "เธอเหมือนเดือนกุมภา" on JOOX

เวลาเธอยิ้ม - Polycat

 4. เวลาเธอยิ้ม - Polycat

   "You had me at hello" is a beautiful love song by Polycat that has a touch of 80-90s melody and is also a song that conveys the feeling of someone falling in love. No matter where you look, it feels like they are so cute. Click here to listen to the song "เวลาเธอยิ้ม" on JOOX

แฟนผมน่ารัก - Bow Maylada

 5. แฟนผมน่ารัก - Bow Maylada

   Lovely song for lovers which this song reveals to everyone that Bow's cute look with pop songs that are easy to listen to and filled with romance typical of lovers, and the music video also gives an 80s atmosphere that combines with Bow's sweet singing voice. Click here to listen to the song "แฟนผมน่ารัก" on JOOX

ขอวอน2 - Somkiat

 6. ขอวอน2 - Somkiat

   For anyone who is a fan of a music band like Somkiat, do not miss the song. "TOGETHER II", a romantic love song conveying the emotions of people who meet by chance. Makes us have good times or encounter bad events together until fulfillment in love and eventually living together. Click here to listen to the song "ขอวอน2" on JOOX



   Anyone who sees the name of the song must be curious until they have to press listen to what kind of music it is. But when listening to it, the word "Zulupaka Tapa Hey" was not found in the song either. Haha. Popular songs on many platforms, whether Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok. This song will show the feelings of people who are madly in love. The music and melody are pleasant and catchy. Have you had someone who makes you feel Zulupaka Tapa Hey yet? Click here to listen to the song "ซูลูปาก้า ตาปาเฮ้" on JOOX

ใจเดียว - Whal & Dolph

 8. ใจเดียว - Whal & Dolph

   The new band duo, a favorite among teenagers like Whal&Dolph, who no matter how many songs are released, creates a sensation in every song on social media, with the song "JAI 1" being the first love song of this band as well. The retro genre combines with the sounds of piano and violin making it smooth and easy to listen to. But full of romantic sweetness through the music video that the actors conveyed for us to see each other. Click here to listen to the song "ใจเดียว" on JOOX

ตกหลุมรักรอบที่ล้าน - Kinkaworn x Bell Warisara

 9. ตกหลุมรักรอบที่ล้าน - Kinkaworn x Bell Warisara

   The chemistry is amazing between Kin and Porsche holding hands and singing a love song. Both of them were able to convey the song very mellowly. Make all the fans like each other. By the genre of music, "love u 1m" the emotion of the person who falls in love is so deep that they can't get out of that love hole at all. Click here to listen to the song "ตกหลุมรักรอบที่ล้าน" on JOOX

จังหวะจะรัก - Violette Wautier

 10. จังหวะจะรัก - Violette Wautier

   Music from Violet Waterer, a sweet singer with a song. "Heartbeat", which the song wants to compare the song with the sound of our heartbeat that wants our loved ones to hear that every time we meet, I'm glad when every time we meet. Click here to listen to the song "จังหวะจะรัก" on JOOX


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