iQIYI Streaming China Movies and Video Content




   When it comes to streaming movies and video content, most people will most likely think of Netflix. But in China, accessing Netflix is ​​quite a difficult task. And there are other reasons why Netflix is ​​not yet available in China when "Baidu" sees a business gap. That is why streaming movies and video content such as iQiyi (Ai-Qi-Yi) was created in 2010 in China.

   Streaming movies and video content like iQiyi (Ai Qi Yi) can occupy the hearts of Asian people, especially Thai people. A part from a variety of hit series. Whether it is romantic, retro, and variety shows mystery and investigation. iQIYI (Ai-Qi-Yi) was brought out to be able to watch for free.


(Image illustration: some iQIYI website page)

    iQIYI also has a platform that brings together much blockbuster-level original content, with Chinese series as the main protagonist. Along with the original variety show in China. As well as Korean series and movies and Japanese manga to meet the needs of the young audience in Thailand. Including other countries in the Southeast.


(Image illustration: some iQIYI website page)

    The problem that we face while watching movie streams and video content is movie lag, movie lag. If you do not want this to happen to us Just make sure to turn on BullVPN before you start streaming. Because BullVPN will not only help in matters of security. Can also reduce movie spasm, reduce lag, reduce ping, and can also adjust the Internet to be better outside at this point. We are not worried about the problem of lag movies.

    Personally, I like iQIYI (Ai-Qi-Yi), where iQIYI (Ai-Qi-Yi) has a lot of Asian series. Whether it is Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, he has come to us. Plus, there are Thai subtitles with clear images, sharp sound, and more importantly, who is a fancy Chinese drama, iQiyi (Ai Qi Yi), there are dozens of stories to look at each other. There is a lot to choose from, anyone who is late should not miss it.

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