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Tai Toh Tam-ngan The series Sud Chad Bo-ri-sat Puan


     Today, my friends, we have a comedy series with “Tai Toh Tam-ngan The series Sud Chad Bo-ri-sat Puan” to be The ultimate enforcer for the company Here! we have HUG! 555+ efm radio Tai Toh Tam-ngan that lets the young workmen in the office share their experience in a fun way and has become a series for us to watch.

   The plot revolves around working in the office of an advertising agency gang. with a full-fledged working story and raise an army of many popular actors such as Dream-Apichaya, Koi-Aratchaporn, Natty-Nantanat, Bo-Thanakorn, Phuak-Phongsathorn, Art-Marut and Oat-Pramote. It is also the first series from Khod Kool Co., Ltd. has a total of 8 EP. together and can be viewed for free via AIS PLAY.


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