NFT games recommend in 2021




     Hello, today I'd like to discuss the "NFT type game," which has a big following and is still popular among players today. Let's get to know each other. 'This kind of game is exceedingly perilous,' one must continually highlight. This post is not an investment solicitation. It's merely a warm-up for the game. Some games have already been tried and found to be difficult. Anyone interested in investing in and playing this type of game should do their homework, research, and study. If you believe you have put a lot of money into anything, you will get a lot of money back. Please tell me you're completely wrong!

Axie Infinity

     Starting with the game "Axie Infinity," another game in which players can earn money on a constant basis. Also for people who do not have the financial means to rank and purchase characters. The game also allows investors to recruit interested individuals to apply as 'Scholars' in order to earn extra money. The money will then be divided according to the agreement, which will determine how much. We have creatures called "Axie" in the gameplay style, each with a unique appearance, element, attack, win or lose, and so on. In this game, you must attack with a card picked at random. Depending on the ability, some cards will use points to earn 1 or 0 points.

     In PvE mode, we must level up in order to progress further. The higher we go, the more valuable the bottle [SLP Token] and the more valuable the experience [EXP]. However, the more we play PvP mode and improve our rank in this game, the better. A bottle of [SLP Token] with such a reward would be quite valuable. In this mode, our level has no bearing. We shall solely rely on our own ability, but we must exercise caution. You will not receive anything if your rank falls below 800. Make every effort not to stay at the top of the rankings.

     It's still a money-making game when it comes to value for money. Despite the fact that the current currency worth of 1 bottle of [SLP Token] will fall to around 1.25 baht (a decline from the period that has been played for quite some time), those who keep their own ranks high will be able to collect. Bottles per day can be 200-400 greater than bottles per day. It's still enough to make investment money, but if a 'Scholar' thinks it's extra money, food and energy bills will suffice. So, ideally, in the next seasons, additional modes will be enabled, allowing gamers to collect bottles in different ways.

Bomb Crypto

     It's now one of the most popular Play-to-Earn NFT games available. The game style of "Bomb Crypto" is considerably easier to play than Axie Infinity! And the exchange rate is currently very expensive. The game's graphics may not be stunning, but the emphasis will be on cuteness. To use the random Hero character, players will require money. Its level ranges from Common to Rare to Super Rare to Epic to Legend to Super Legend, and it has an impact on our daily earnings. will be given The higher the level, the more we will be able to obtain.

     Bomb Crypto is a simple game that requires little effort to play. Because when we open the game using the Web Browser, our character will keep walking to plant bombs, but when the [Stamina] weariness is reached, the character will halt and enter rest mode to recuperate. self-control At this point, the player must keep awakening them in order for them to continue bombing. However, it will only work if [Stamina's] exhaustion is sufficiently high!

     Bomb Crypto wins money by smashing chests in this game. There is a 'BCOIN' within, and we occasionally have the chance to meet new heroes, as well as bring unused characters to upgrade to other characters. It is regarded as a game with a high cost of entry. Because players must swap the currency "BNB," which is computed based on the current money price, in order to find Hero characters at random within the game. However, the amount of retribution we receive is determined by our character. Having a high level of all will, without a doubt, allow us to pay back more quickly. The current value of 'BCOIN' is around 1 BCOIN = 75 baht.


     Let's have a look at several online MMORPGs. Although this is not a full Play-to-Earn game, it is possible to generate money and earn money with "MIR4", an online game from the Wemade developer team, which has garnered gamers' interest. There is a lot of interaction between Thais and foreigners. Because the game uses a blockchain system, DRACO tokens can be exchanged for real money. As stated previously, the early gameplay is similar to that of other online games: create characters, proceed through the tale, level up, and grow.

     Players must first understand that "This game is a Free PK," which means that once they reach a certain level, the game will immediately enter free fight mode. This means that other gamers may be able to murder us. 'Finding a guild,' for example, will make it easier to play because having buddies will allow us to level up or complete quests more quickly. Furthermore, if a Guild War to take over the area occurs at this time, we can seize control of the mines and mine "Darksteel" to turn into DRACO coins.


     Chinese users have previously caused issues in the game by employing bot programs to level up and access Darksteel mining. However, it persists. It is called flat and can come back and apply for a moment because the game is available in a Free-to-Play model and can be played on both PC and Mobile platforms. And if you ask me today if it is worth water and electricity for me to come to play to earn money from mining in the mine, I must tell that the value of DRACO coins is very low, now at 5 baht, till some people become discouraged. Wemade also puts a limit on the number of screens per runer that can be played, which MIR4 players are still working to overcome in the hopes that the coin value may rise one day.

     It's worth repeating that when we say "all three NFT games," we're not talking about an invitation to play, but rather how to play. However, when it comes to the current trend of this sort of game, we can see that the first two games are Play-to-Earn, while the third game is an MMORPG that uses blockchain technology to allow gamers to earn money while playing the game on their own. We will see many more games of this type in the future. There will be games that are simple to play, do not require a lot of investment, and are simple to follow.