Firewall, Internet network security system.




What is a Firewall?

     A firewall is a computer network security system.

     Which will act on and off external access (e.g. from the Internet) access to internal networks (e.g. internal networks or personal computers)

     You might say that a firewall is like a computer's door guard. Which access from outside will have to pass through the firewall to check before being allowed to access the internal network or not.

     A firewall will have rules to enforce specific networks, which means that "If the access is valid as required by the firewall, then the network can be accessed.

      If it doesn't match, it won't be accessible" (also known as Default deny).

Firewall's function 

At present, it has been developed and combines many abilities, such as

  • - A firewall can filter traffic and alert the user to intrusions.
  • - Firewalls prevent attackers from accessing your servers in malicious ways.
  • - Prevent data theft from internal personnel.
  • - Controls the use of specific programs.
  • - Keep logs to verify identity.

Log server

     Log Server stores information related to usage. The entire Internet of the person in the organization. Because the Internet world can create fake names or identities that are different from the real world, the culprit cannot be found. Therefore, the Computer Crimes Act BE 2550 (2007) has foreseen the punishment caused by threats. On a computer network, Every organization must have a log that can be checked and linked to the offender.


     Virtual Private Network in the past, connecting each branch together required a large budget. Nowadays, there is VPN technology to help make each branch connect. What the VPN does is create a link between the two branches and transmit the data through it. A cross-branch client doesn't need to be customized to run. And VPN can be used immediately when connect with VPN media. One that supports working with VPN is the internet.

Web Filtering

     This is a service that helps businesses or organizations control their behavior on the Internet from within the organization. To fit the policy and reduce the cost caused by unnecessary use to the organization. And not wasting costs on Internet bandwidth for using unnecessary websites. To control internet usage according to the user group. It also saves time for the administrator or IT Manager to add a blocklist to the router or proxy. This will help filter and block inappropriate or unwanted websites.

For example, The organization wants to block unwanted websites, for more efficient internet signals.


     Computer virus It is one of the most damaging problems for PC users to large networks. It is characterized by phishing, virus, spam, and other attacks that cause impact and damage to personal computers and operators. We need security to protect information and keep your system safe from Internet threats.

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