How to access Youtube in China

Updated : Mar 05, 2019

How to access Youtube in China

You’re traveling or moving internationally and you want to make sure you can access YouTube in China? Whether you just want to watch YouTube videos or you need to upload YouTube videos while you’re in China, your biggest challenge is censorship. YouTube is blocked. So how do you access YouTube in China with enough speed to minimize buffering?



When it comes to being censored within China, YouTube is in good company. There are plenty of other apps and website such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many others websites and apps that are blocked in China

There are plenty of other websites and apps that are blocked in China.

China has taken a particular dislike to anything having to do with Google. YouTube, which is owned by Google, is just one of many. In China you can’t access the Google homepage, check your Gmail or get on Google Plus

Accessing YouTube in China is slightly different than most of these other websites for one reason: watching or uploading a video on YouTube takes a lot of bandwidth and high internet speeds. How is that possible when China blocks access to YouTube?


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