Setup TeamViewer on Mac OS

For customers who have problems using our BullVPN program, download TeamViewer for the team to solve the problem.

Download TeamViewer Mac OS

Download TeamViewer for Mac OS

* Use Version this only, do not use other versions.

1. Open program TeamViewerQS.dmg.


2. Press the center of the picture "TeamViewer QuickSupport".


3. Press “OK”


4. If show this picture waiting to show Your ID and Password.

5. Send You ID and Password to staff.

** Do not turn off the Teamviewer program !! Yes, because the team will not be able to edit it.


Bull VPN Internet Freedom for Everyone

For customers for Team View, trust the team that we will not do or steal anything with the client machine. As we trust the security of the internet, assets because our Bull VPN when connected can conceal customer information because there are Encoding